Valved holding chambers, nebulizers, pressurized metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and aerosol face masks have been technologies present in the clinical market for the past two decades. The mature consumer market for these devices makes it impossible to “state the obvious” when developing new products.

The InspiRx team aspires to dramatically improve current market standards and develop new products that more effectively deliver respiratory drugs. We want to capture Healthcare Professionals and current consumers by providing medical devices that are user friendly, cost effective and above all, set a new higher standard for aerosol drug delivery. This can be done with inventive product designs that eliminate wasteful drug usage and have lower manufacturing costs.

The InspiRx Advantage

InspiRx utilizes a variety of professional expertise to research and develop a line of respiratory devices unprecedented to current market standards.

We promise our consumers:

  • Better and more effective aerosol delivery.
  • User friendly products at low costs.
  • New and improved technologies including, but not limited to, visual and audible flow indicators, better face masks and ergonomic chambers.

InspiRx is currently developing, prototyping and testing a new product line that will set new standards in respiratory drug delivery. Many improvements are being made to devices currently used by consumers that will provide a better and more effective drug delivery system for aerosolized medications. Additionally, InspiRx is incorporating new and novel technologies into a line of face masks, valved holding chambers and nebulizers for all age groups.

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